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Our Mission

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The Washington Township Parent Council Network is an independent nonpartisan group of parent and caregiver advocates of MSDWT students who represent a diverse community in Indianapolis and believe that high quality public education (under local democratic control) is an investment in the future.

Our mission is to represent and give district-wide voice to the educational interests of families and to strive to enhance the quality of public education in the township.

A Welcome Message From

Our President

I am excited to be writing to you as the new President of the Washington Township Parent Council Network. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to become engaged (or re-engaged) with a group of parent advocates that seek to inform parents, collaborate with educators, and influence the future of OUR school district. I am very excited to be leading such an important organization, one that I have been a member of since 2010.

As incoming President my main focus is on parent outreach in pursuance of broadening our council. I’m dedicated to facilitating more engagement of parents from varying backgrounds, perspectives, and viewpoints. Those voices are vital for everyone involved. Not just our students, but our teachers, administrators, and especially our School Board.

By attending our monthly meetings, you will hear directly from our district’s Superintendent. You will hear directly from a School Board member. You will hear and learn about the critical issues that pertain to our public schools from transportation, nutrition, and security. You will also hear about challenges and attacks on public education as a whole from Indiana state officials.

Our meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of the month, 7:00 PM at Northview Middle School. However, this year there is one change. Our first meeting will be the fourth Wednesday, August 24th (same time and location). This is because one function of parent council is our school board election committee. This committee collaborates with our Washington Township Teachers Union and reviews all candidates that file to run for a position on our school board. Our township has a school board election in November. Our school board committee is working diligently and will be prepared to present a slate of candidates who seek our endorsement at that August 24th meeting.

So please come out and participate. Or just attend and listen and learn. You can be as involved as much or as little as you wish. But never underestimate the importance of your presence. And as president, I promise to actively listen and never be dismissive to any concern or idea you may have.

Brian Henry
North Central Parent

What Parents Are Saying

“I like hearing directly from our Superintendent each month. I like receiving monthly School Board updates. I like learning about critical issues that pertain to our public schools. I like taking action on issues that impact my children’s schools. I like the idea of joining one organization that is relevant to me as my children transition from elementary to middle to high school.

No matter the topic, once parents have an understanding of the bigger picture, they are empowered with information and can become leaders in their school communities and neighborhoods. I hope people will consider joining PCN to learn how they can help make our entire district a better place for all our kids!”

Shelley Clark

North Central Parent

“As a new parent to the district, being involved with the Parent Council Network helped me learn how things work in Washington Township. It also helped me answer the many questions I had! 

Attending PCN meetings taught me about the big-picture issues affecting our district, and how I could make a difference. Our schools need our support, and PCN is a great way to get involved, especially for working parents like myself. In one meeting a month, I can truly make MSDWT a better place!”

Crystal Paschal

Nora Parent

I joined Parent Council Network because, as a mom of an elementary student, I realized in talking with parents of older kids that there was a lot going on around the district that I was completely unaware of. Middle school and high school seemed so far off and yet I wanted to be more familiar with those levels before my students reached them. And then upon joining PCN I learned that there is a lot going on in public education around the state that requires parents to be aware, to be involved, and to advocate for our students and teachers. I love that PCN is a district-wide organization – but also that we are continually looking outside of our schools to the “bigger picture” as well.”

Taryn Greaser

Fox Hill and Westlane Parent


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