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The Washington Township Parent Council Network is an independent, non-partisan group of parent advocates of MSDWT students who represent a diverse community in Indianapolis and believe that quality public education is an investment in the future.

Members of the Parent Council Network give their time to actively influence the direction of the District and support positive learning experiences that result in students who are productive contributors throughout their lives.

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Our President

I started participating in Parent Council when my current high schoolers were in elementary school. I joined because I wanted to be more involved, but in a broader way than PTO. I wanted to learn more about the schools in our district. Early on, I realized that all our students eventually go to the same high school and it was important to me to understand the big picture and collectively support all the students in our community.

Like many other parents and caregivers, I sometimes found it difficult or impossible to volunteer at school during the day. Parent Council is a once-a-month evening volunteer opportunity. So when a neighbor with older kids invited me to a Parent Council meeting, I agreed. I will admit, I was nervous and not exactly sure what to expect.

At my first meeting, I learned about a referendum: what it was and why it was necessary. I returned the next month for a meeting on cafeteria nutrition and food insecurity. The next month featured Indiana’s top education official (State Superintendent of Public Instruction) who spoke directly with parents. After that, I continued to participate in many more meetings and became “a regular.”

I like hearing directly from our district’s Superintendent each month. I like receiving monthly School Board updates. I like learning about critical issues that pertain to our public schools. I like taking action on issues that impact my children’s schools. I like the idea of joining one organization that is relevant to me as my children transition from elementary to middle to high school.

No matter the topic, once parents have an understanding of the bigger picture, they are empowered with information and can become leaders in their school communities and neighborhoods. I hope you will consider joining us to learn about how you can help make our entire district a better place for all our kids!

Shelley Clark
North Central Parent

What Parents Are Saying

“Parent council is an important group to be involved in, especially if you want to know what’s going on in the district. I joined Parent Council for three main reasons: 

(1) to have a voice in the operations of the school system;

(2) to gain a broader perspective of how I can be supportive of WT teachers and administrators;

(3) To partner with other parents that share a common goal of student achievement.”

Brian Henry

North Central Parent

“As a new parent to the district, being involved with the Parent Council Network helped me learn how things work in Washington Township. It also helped me answer the many questions I had! 

Attending PCN meetings taught me about the big-picture issues affecting our district, and how I could make a difference. Our schools need our support, and PCN is a great way to get involved, especially for working parents like myself. In one meeting a month, I can truly make MSDWT a better place!”

Crystal Paschal

Nora Parent

I joined Parent Council Network because, as a mom of an elementary student, I realized in talking with parents of older kids that there was a lot going on around the district that I was completely unaware of. Middle school and high school seemed so far off and yet I wanted to be more familiar with those levels before my students reached them. And then upon joining PCN I learned that there is a lot going on in public education around the state that requires parents to be aware, to be involved, and to advocate for our students and teachers. I love that PCN is a district-wide organization – but also that we are continually looking outside of our schools to the “bigger picture” as well.”

Taryn Greaser

Fox Hill and Westlane Parent


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